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Gomukh, Gangotri Glacier, 2011

Lambda C-print, 120 x 96 cm

Edition of 7


Nishant Shukla is a visual artist and photographer based between London & India.
His personal body of work addresses questions of identity, origins and essence through
an exploration of the margin : peripheral moments, spaces and people, commemorated
with images and objects that are entangled into his own journey.

Nishant is also a co-founder of BIND, a platform for contemporary photography based in India,
with a specific interest for the photobook. While running a public photobook library based in
Bombay, BIND is interested in fostering new narratives, developing original practices and
using inventive forms of engagement with the medium.

Gomukh, Gangotri Glacier © Nishant Shukla

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€ 2.700,00Prezzo scontato
  • L'opera è fornita di cornice.

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