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Nobuyoshi Araki 1940 

Polaroid originali firmate su retro

10 X 8.5 cm 

opera unica 


Nobuyoshi Araki 1940 

Polaroid signed 10 X 8.5 cm 


unique piece 



I want my work to feel intimate, like someone in the subject’s inner circle shot them,” he says.


Nobuyoshi Araki is a prolific photographer who has produced thousands of photographs over the course of his career. He became famous for “Un Voyage Sentimental” (1971), a series of photos depicting both banal and deeply intimate scenes of his wife during their honeymoon. A number of his works feature young women in sexualized situations: “Kinbaku”, a series from 1979, features 101 photographs of women in rope bondage. He typically works in black-and-white photography, and his hallmark style is deliberately casual. “Rather than shooting something that looks like a professional photograph.

Polaroid © Araki

€ 1.200,00Prezzo
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