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Gianluca Panella 1976

Tarawa, Isole Kiribati, Oceano Pacifico





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Gianluca Panella 1976

Tarawa, Kiribati Island, Pacific Ocean



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Tarawa, Kiribati Islands, South Pacific Ocean. November 2014.

A fisherman is throwing his net to catch some fish for dinner and feed his family. 

Kiribati’s citizens are quickly becoming known as the world’s first climate change refugees, despite their government’s efforts to travel the globe to negotiate relocation, financing, and carbon-emission cuts. Yet, as world leaders head to Paris for the binding UN Climate Summits of 2015, there is little hope for vulnerable countries like Kiribati, and Kiribati residents are slowly being forced to face the painful reality that their children may be the last generation to ever live on these islands. 

While Kiribati is undoubtedly one of the most aesthetically-pleasing destinations on earth, the idyllic surface presents a challenge in portraying the urgency and severity of the existential crisis these people face.


Gianluca Panella is an independent italian photojournalist focused on social reportage, current affairs, and portraits. He has traveled to the Balkans, Egypt, Haiti, Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Gaza, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, South Sudan, Kiribati Islands, the United States, Europe. His photography has been featured in a variety of Italian and international publications.
His work “Gaza BlackOut” is awarded World Press Photo 2014 third prize General News Stories. 



Kiribati © Gianluca Panella

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