Gianluca Panella 1976  

Tarawa, Isole Kiribati, Oceano Pacifico 


Bambini al tramonto 


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Gianluca Panella 1976 

Tarawa, Kiribati Island, Pacific Ocean 


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Kids at sunset 





Tarawa, Kiribati Islands, South Pacific Ocean. November 2014
Children escape the crowds of the capitol island to swing on the beach at sunset. The South Pacific island nation of Kiribati is being put on the map because it may be the first country to be erased from it. Due to man-made global warming, the UN predicts that Kiribati will be among the first of several low-lying island nations to vanish into the ocean by 2050 due to rising sea-levels. Residing just over the dateline, Kiribati is the first nation to see the sunrise of tomorrow; it is also the first to see what the rest of the world considers to be “tomorrow’s problem” -- man-made climate change. As Kiribati residents flee coastal erosion on outer islands, the capitol island of South Tarawa has become one of the most densely populated areas on earth. Its population density mirrors that of Tokyo or Gaza.


Gianluca Panella is an independent italian photojournalist focused on social reportage, current affairs, and portraits. He has traveled to the Balkans, Egypt, Haiti, Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Gaza, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, South Sudan, Kiribati Islands, the United States, Europe. His photography has been featured in a variety of Italian and international publications.
His work “Gaza BlackOut” is awarded World Press Photo 2014 third prize General News Stories. 


Kiribati © Gianluca Panella

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